Out with the OLD in with the NEW

It was time to upgrade my ‘narrow access’ grinder from a pedestrian machine to one with forward/reverse drive with a turntable design and the FSI B22 looked the ticket.
I organised a demo with Stanton Hope Ltd my local dealer and was impressed with their service. We had the original Subaru engine version on the first demo which was a good machine but I felt the nose was a little too heavy but knowing the new version was on the way I decided to wait.
As soon as the new Kohler engine version was available it was clear to see modifications to the chassis had totally resolved the balance issue, also changes like electronic key start and a transportation setting for the handle (reducing the overall length) were great new additions.
In my option FSI have produced a very impressive, well designed stump grinder that has the capability of accessing the vast majority of stumps and grinding more efficiently with considerably less effort, adding affordability at a sensible price and I would highly recommend the FSI B22.

Simon Soutar
‘Stumps Away’
Tree stump grinder based in Surrey